Accept the most popular crypto globally with a complete payment  solution.

Discover new opportunities for your business. Striving for full autonomy? Also available as an Open-Source version.


Gain more customers

Expand the geographic reach of your business. Whether you have a SaaS, e-commerce, or social media platform – we've got you covered. Create payments manually, via API, or using predefined  links.

Payment example

It will look on your sitе

Payment UI

Also available in light color scheme

Quickly enough

Integrate a new payment method within a single day

Safer than anyone else

Use enhanced protection for your crypto currency cash flow

Source-available ✨

Visit GitHub and
host yourself for free!

Adopt customer needs

Accept most popular cryptocurrencies including stable coins. We continuously strive to increase diversity of payment methods.

Customer Surveys

Current customer interest in digital currency

Over the next 12 month, how does your organization expect customer interest in digital currency payments to change?

2022. Deloitte. Merchants getting ready for crypto →

Current customer interest in digital currency


2 140 000 000

people shop online


296 000 000

crypto users

Built for developers in mind

Easy and straightforward integration via simple REST API

curl -X POST '{id}/payment'\

-H 'X-O2PAY-TOKEN: {token}'  \

-H 'Content-Type: application/json'  \

--data  '{

"id": "BAC43182-B866-4AA1-8580-403A4FB4B25E",

"currency": "USD",

"price": 30,

"redirectUrl": "",

"description": "HODL T-shirt, size M"


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